Have A Go News Newspaper: Turn to page 28 to see how to ride a bike on water in the middle of Perth …

Click on the link above, or download if you prefer, the full edition of Have A Go News (hint: my story is on page 28).

You’ll find the Perth Waterbike Company on the shores of the Swan River just on the southern side of the Narrows Bridge. They’re also over at Rottnest and Penny and Nev are happy for you to suggest sites and sights you want to see, or you can tag along on one of their organised tours.

Read all about the experience that Tom and I had riding under the Narrows Bridge and how it easy it is to have an adventure on the water, in the middle of our city.

Riding a waterbike doesn’t just have to be seen as a summer activity. Over the cooler months it’s still enjoyable on the water and even with grey clouds instead of Perth’s trademark blue skies it’s still great to get outside and try something new.

Just another link above, this time to a pdf of page 28. Have a Go News is published every month with a circulation of more than 80,000 copies. Have A Go News is also available online at http://www.haveagonews.com.au

Perth Waterbike Company can be contacted on http://www.perthwaterbikeco.com.au and @perthwaterbikeco

Tell them Chris sent you. It’s not worth a discount but tell them anyway!

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