Chris Parry is a travel writer and radio presenter based in Perth, Western Australia.  Specialising in travel writing and tourism strategies, Chris enjoys the relationship with the client as much as the work itself.  

From solo travels climbing and sliding down mountains in Borneo, ticking off the bucket list of his kids by going on safari in Africa and experiencing Disneyland, to singing Volare in Polignano a Mare and exploring the ancient streets of Matera years before James Bond did.

Chris loves everywhere that’s close to home and far away.

As well as travel experiences, Chris has presented university lectures on digital marketing and hospitality strategies, and provided strategic advice to tourism organisations around the world.  His descriptions on radio and in print on dark tourism, sports tourism, movie tourism, Aboriginal tourism and discussions on the best sunsets, best islands, best theme parks, hidden treasures and many other types of tourism are well thought out discussions that are often humorous and always passionate. 

Contact Chris on chris.parry@westnet.com.au or through Instagram @chrisparrywritesforus just to say hello or give him some work to do.

Explore this site for some examples of Chris’ work, ranging from radio programs and interviews to newspaper stories and magazine features.

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