Chris Parry Writes For Us

Chris Parry Writes For Us, the website, has become a requirement.  It’s a business that is about writing for you and writing for me.  Lots of what I post will be just some of what I have had published.

Most of what I post will be related to my travel writing but that’s really just a part of what I am doing for clients.  If it needs to be written, I can do it.

I will post articles I’ve had published or describe interviews I’ve done related to my travels.  The picture of the boy in the beanie on top of a mountain is me. It’s me!  It’s me on Mount Agung in Bali in 2013 and it’s where all this started, but that’s a story for another day, another post.

I look forward to entertaining you, informing you and being interesting.

Please don’t recline your seat.

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