ABC Saturday Morning Breakfast: Hidden Treasures Stays Close to Home at … East Perth!

Why would anyone go to East Perth unless they had a meeting at the Education or Health Department or maybe the ABC? It was It was a fair question a few years ago but it’s outdated now.

Not many hidden treasures around Perth can claim world class sporting and iconic sporting facilities, a farm, opportunities for kids to get chased by swans and also the home the national broadcaster. Plus a bit more.

Our discussion about all of the attractions and activities to be found in East Perth is all the more remarkable because East Perth is only 3.3 square kilometres and we didn’t even get to touch on the amazing Perth Mint or Wellington Square intergenerational playground and Stolen Generation Place of Reflection.

Pic above: One of the best hills in Perth for box sliding. Grad a cardboard box (mango and avocado cartons are the best) and get inside and push yourself down this grass knoll until you roll sideways and fall out. Then run back up to the top and do it again.

Pic above: From the studios of the ABC to Claisebrook Cove trickles the Claise Brook and along the way are the turtle shell sculptures, popular with ducks for a rest and for kids looking for the challenge of jumping on their backs.

Pic above: East Perth Cemetery was the first cemetery established by the Swan River Colony in 1829. Many of the settlers who are buried here died of typhoid and tuberculosis. It’s a great example of an authentic and tangible history that can be found in a capital city.

We began our discussion about East Perth with a description of the WACA, the affectionate name for the Western Australian Cricket Association home of cricket. When I took this photo, with thanks to the guard at the gate who let me in, the ground was empty but the memories for me were so clear I could hear the crowds. From Ashes victories and Perth Scorchers heroics to watching my son Tom even play on the ground in Milo Cricket this ground doesn’t need to have a game on or a crowd in the stands to make me smile. I just wish my name was up on that list of great Western Australian cricketers.

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