ABC Saturday Breakfast: Tom makes his radio debut discussing Fringe World

I think I’ve just been warming the seat for Tom.

My ten year old son Tom is an official judge for Fringe World and throughout the summer we’ve attended events, interviewed performers and in the evening he’s logged onto the Fringe World site and submitted his rankings.  He’s not a hard judge.  If you make him laugh or gasp, you’ll get five stars.  You might lose a star for not starting on time (he gets that from me).

With the amazing Hilary Smale on ABC Perth Saturday Breakfast Tom discussed how he judges each performance, why he likes Fringe World and why more families and kids should attend.



He was so calm and descriptive and I sat on the other side of the glass so proud of how my boy could so confidently talk to a statewide audience.

As he said, “I loved talking to Hilary and knowing there were lots of people listening that I couldn’t see.”



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