ABC Adelaide Drive Program: Do we need travel agents?

On 22 Setember, I was invited to speak with Jules Schiller on ABC Adelaide’s Drive Program to discuss the issue of travel agents in light of the ABC story about Flight Centre, which described the issue of ‘marking up’ fees and a culture of underpaying staff.

My contribution to the discussion was focused on why people still use travel agents and why people choose not to use travel agents.

Nothing broadens the mind like travel and the number one thing we all learn is that there are all sorts of people out there and however you choose to plan your travel is fine by me.

Don’t be afraid to plan your own travel but if you want assistance go for it.  Your travel experience either way is more likely to be like Eat, Pray, Love than Taken.


Image above from ABC Story: Current and former Flight Centre staff have been speaking out against the travel giant

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