ABC Breakfast Show: Mount Agung; The Mother Mountain and her importance to the Balinese


To listen to my chat about Mount Agung on the attached link, scroll the timer forward to about the 40 minute mark.Saturday mornings on the ABC are always a great way to start my weekend.  This chat was about my amazing old friend who can’t seem to stay out of the news; Mount Agung.  She’s been blowing smoke and shaking the ground since November last year and now she’s throwing up heavy ash and lava.

We know she causes ‘holiday havoc’ but who is she?  How big is she?  How important is she to the Balinese? What’s it like to climb her and look into that gaping crater that last exploded in 1963, barely a twitch of the eye in geological times.

The title pic shows my friend Wayan Gede Yudiana on my second climb of Mt Agung in 2016.  We took a team of his staff from Pan Pacific Nirwana up Mount Agung as a team building exercise.  In the background is Mount Batur, an easier climb but not half as much fun!





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