Is That All For Me? Pan Pacific High Tea for a High Roller Kid

The writer and his apprentice were guests of Pan Pacific Perth.  The article was provided to Pan Pacific Perth.

Three tiers, so little time

Tom’s first comment was, “Is that all for me?”

I watched Tom. I love watching him do anything at all and this was no different. He was focused on the tiers in front of him, fully occupied with his own delicate tea cup of sweet, fresh apple juice and his hand reaching out for his food like one of those old money boxes I had as a kid where the hand shoots out, grabs a coin and then withdraws back with its booty.

Tom started on the first tier which held a peanut butter man, nutella soldier, brioche with shredded honey ham and lettuce and two freshly made corn chips with boccincini and tomato.  Five minutes later they were gone.

The second tier required one hand to push down on the chair as he reached up with the other hand for rocky road, pandan and vanilla crème, profiterole with festive icing and a chocolate fudge with its own little hat; a strawberry macaroon.

Tom meets his first Executive Chef

By this stage he was beginning to forget the journey and just wanted the finish line.  Desperate to commence the final ascent he asked if he could forego finishing each of the second tier treats and launch himself at the summit.

Positioning himself on his knees, resting his tummy on the lip of the table, he leaned in and reached for glory.

Atop the final tier was a gingerbread house with resident gingerbread man and snowman, Olaf in fact.  The house was in need of a good decluttering though.  Every room in the house was completely packed with chunky rocky road, adding substantial weight to this sweet dwelling.

With assistance from Leah to lower it to the table, Tom looked at me and said, “Epic!”

Leah and Tom tackle Olaf

I asked Tom why he said that. What made him use the one word that I know from his vocabulary and character is saved for only the best of times and the best of experiences?

“It’s yummy and fun.”  Perfect.

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