6PR Interview: Movie site travelling

From Casablanca in Morocco, to the hills of San Gimignano in Tuscany, the beaches of Thailand, the wonderous resorts and bushveldt of South Africa to the mountains of New Zealand, the locations are as varied as the movies themselves and the reasons why we long to travel to these sites are even more varied.

Just remember to keep your expectations in check.  You may see an Orc in New Zealand but when you arrive on Thailand’s James Bond Island, from the movie The Man With The Golden Gun, don’t expect Nick Nack to great you on the beach in top hat and tails.

Please enjoy listening to the story below:



Above and Below: 2014’s movie ‘Blended’ now has South Africa’s Sun City Resort on every kids travel bucket list while ‘Mad Max 2’ and over 140 other movies have been filmed around Silverton in the outback of New South Wales.